Exciting news from lunch! HQ… Last week’s lunch! show celebrated its 5th anniversary edition with a guest appearance on the BBC News Channel’s ‘Show me the money’ programme, which was broadcast on 23 September 2012 at 9:30pm.

Given that lunch! is know by many of its exhibitors as the show of the year for attracting key decision makers and “buyers that usually cannot be contacted” (to quote Tom Proctor from Alibi PRETOX®), the show provided a vibrant backdrop for BBC correspondent Ramzan Karmali’s exploration of how entrepreneurs go about getting their products noticed ‘by the people that matter’ – or as he calls them the “supermarket supremos”.

To view the lunch! show as filmed by the BBC, simply follow the link below and skip to around 20 minutes into the programme:

But do hurry – as the link expires on 30 September at 9:59pm (GMT)!

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