The Cafe Sandwich Challenge at lunch! 2015

Cafe Life

The first live challenge at the lunch! show will see the UK’s most creative cafes and suppliers create innovative new sandwiches developed specifically for the café/coffee bar market and the critical aspect of the challenge is also pairing the perfect beverage with the newly designed sandwich.

Entries will be judged by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli on the day of the Awards dinner on Thursday 24th September– he and fellow judges from across the food industry, will be looking for presentation, taste, how the beverage compliments the sandwich, innovation and commercial viability – there will be a special £500 prize for the entry judged to be the best across all the competitions.

The sandwich challenge categories:

Menumaster Toasted Sandwich Competition:
Contestants are asked to create a toasted sandwich recipe in this category, using ingredients of their choice, which has to be cooked in the Menumaster Commercial oven.

The same ovens can be made available for any competitor who wishes to perfect the cooking parameters prior to the competition. Contestants are welcome to attend one of Bradshaw’s development kitchens or a loan oven can be arranged, if appropriate.

New York Style Bagel Category:
Contestants are required to create a hot or ambient sandwich using either a plain or multi-seed New York Style Bagel from the New York Bakery Company. The sandwich must contain no more than five ingredients excluding the bagel itself and any spread/butter, mayonnaise/sauces and seasoning.

The sandwich must be suitable for a lunch offer, specifically, and is to be prepared using standard equipment. Contestants must submit a photograph of the finished recipe with their entry.

Evening Culture Category:
In this glamorous new category, contestants are challenged to devise an evening eat. The growing trend for evening café eating that’s gripping the nation needs ever more delicious and sumptuous dishes to keep consumers wanting more.

All three categories require contestants to pair their sandwiches with a drink and in the Evening Culture Category, entrants should, perhaps think more Mojito than a Latté.

The Shortlisted Entries Are:

Menumaster Toasted Sandwich Category

– Barny Luxmoore from The Mock Turtle(Jabberwocky Streetfood) Leamington Spa. He has two entries, The Manwich and The Scotch Egg Toastie
– Emma Taylor from Greencore in Worksop with her Korean Pulled Pork
– Kate Price-Whittle The Cooking Company Redditch – Worcestershire with her Ultimate Banana Split
– (And her sister) Rachel Price-Whittle The Cooking Company Redditch – Worcestershire Steak & Asparagus Chimichurri Melt
– Simon Chiremba from Greencore, Northampton with his Umami Braised Beef Brisket

New York Style Bagel Category

– Dom Salter from The Sandwich Box Cheltenham with his Pulled long cooked Brisket
– Simon Chiremba from Greencore Northampton The Ultimate ‘Double BLTA’
– Stephen Freeman Amadeus Foods Birmingham Sheikh Rattle & Roll
– Susan Yarnell A Great Little Place Southport Egyptian Grilled Chicken/Smoky and Spicy Mackerel Pate

Evening Culture Category

– Dave Koller Wholesome of Café Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex with a Mojito Chicken
– Emma Taylor of Greencore Worksop with Sushi Surprise
– Rob Lawton from Greencore Northampton with a Tender Roasted Pork Loin sandwich
– Sue Price-Whittle The Cooking Company Redditch. Worcestershire Sticky Pomegranate Lamb flatbread
– Tasha Rose Carmichael from The Cooking Company Redditch – Worcestershire and her Summer days Salmon

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