From vibrant sushi rolls to flavoured cold brews, from indulgent vegan puds to Tigernut Mylk, from fiery fajitas to jackfruit chips – there’s a record number of new food-to-go launches to discover at lunch! later this month, on 20-21 September, at London ExCeL.

With 370 exhibitors confirmed and 6,300+ attendees expected, it’s the UK’s biggest food-to-go showcase of the year and an essential visit for keeping up-to-date with all the latest trends, innovations and insights.  The following is a taste of this year’s exhibitor show highlights:

Pots & Co is sampling a new flavour in its little pots range: a handmade pot of soft, buttery caramel beneath a chocolate ganache, handmade with sustainable cocoa grown in Colombia.  The dessert, served chilled in a recyclable pot with sleeve, is vegetarian, gluten free, has no palm oil and is non-GMO (stand B11).

nucao is previewing nupro, the first plant-based protein shake to be packaged in home-compostable materials.  It’s vegan, low sugar, gluten free, organic and 100% natural, and for every box sold nutree plant 3-9 trees, depending on unit size (stand SU-4).

The Soho Sandwich Company is introducing a new hot eats range with a selection of hot wraps, toasties, muffins and paninis. Also launching: a collection of premium, deep filled bloomers with a range of classic flavour combinations (stand D52).

Trangs Group is launching a hand crafted Asian-spiced king prawn and vegetable burger wrapped in a steamed hirata bao bun.  Simply place the burger in its branded packaging in a microwave and it’s ready to eat in two minutes (stand D42).

Far Side Coffee is launching its new cold brews to the UK marketThe bottled, ready to drink cold brews use specialty coffee sourced from Women’s Coffee Alliances in Peru and Rwanda.  The Rwanda conjures subtle notes of chocolate and the Peruvian is bright, with a dart of orange peel and a fruity aftertaste (stand SU-3).

The Protein Ball Co is introducing its new oat breakfast balls to lunch, which are high in fibre with added protein. They’re gluten free, all natural, vegan, contain no added sugar and come in three flavours: Apple & Blueberry, Hazelnut & Cacao, and Strawberry & Vanilla (stand E50).

KALEIDO Salad rolls are salads that can be eaten like a sandwich.  Made with fresh ingredients wrapped in thin, transparent rice paper that is only 15 calories and gluten free, the rolls are healthy like a salad, playful like a sushi and convenient like a sandwich (stand SU-12).

Thomas Fudge’s is launching a larger version of its famous Florentines at the show, specifically for the food-to-go sector. Available in Milk and Dark Belgian Chocolate with fruit, nuts and caramel – they are an indulgent treat alongside hot drinks.  Also showcasing a full packaging rebrand (stand D43).

Freaks Of Nature is showcasing its new range of no taste compromise products: Thick & Creamy Dairy Free Yogs and first to market indulgent Hot Puds (Sticky Toffee & Chocolate Fudge) that are free from the top 14 allergens including dairy, soya, eggs and gluten (stand D33).

BRAVE is launching three new flavours of their Roasted Peas, including Sea Salt & Vinegar and a world-first indulgent range.  The range is getting a packaging design refresh to make it clearer to consumers that Roasted Peas are high in protein, contain fewer calories than popcorn and are grown in the UK (stand B37).

Go Faster Food is introducing Fruit Pursuit, a new range of Go Bites.  These zingy energy balls, coated in freeze-dried fruit are gluten free, vegan-friendly, high in fibre, have no added sugar and under 50 kcal per ball (three per pack).  Available in Blackcurrant & Blueberry, Raspberry & Cacao, and Strawberry & Cashew (stand M45).

AQUA Carpatica is launching its Natural Mineral Water 250ml Still and AQUA Carpatica Kids.  The newest additions to the existing AQUA Carpatica range, this natural water has the lowest sodium levels and virtually no nitrates (stand L33).

Wholesums is introducing its popped vegetable snacks made with around 50% fresh veg (potatoes, carrots and peas) instead of conventional vegetable powder.  The whole of the vegetable is used, helping to minimise waste.  Wholesums come in 22g packs, containing under 90 calories and 6% fat (stand E73).

AROUND NOON is showcasing its new range of hospitality platters, which includes mini hand-held salad pots and mini hand-held fruit pots, as well as sandwiches and wraps.  Also showcasing: new Scribbles products, including deep-fill sandwiches such as Oink-Believable Ham Salad and Garden of Vegan (stand F60).

Crealine UK is introducing its new range of ‘Gazpacho to Go’.  This fresh Gazpacho is packed in 240ml Eat to Go format and new flavours include: Gazpacho Original, Tomato and Basil, and Tomato and Beetroot (stand M41).

PHIT is launching Protein High Indulgent Truffles (in 13g packs).  With packaging designed by the ex-head graphic designer of Ted Baker, these vegan and gluten free truffles are a premium, guilt free snack and ideal for coffee up-sell.  Flavours include: Seville Orange & Cocoa and Morello Cherry & Cocoa (stand SU-7).

Paterson Arran’s Jammy Shortbread is launching at lunch!.  Joining Paterson’s range of Giants, which includes Fruit & Oat, Chocolate Fudge & Triple Chocolate cookies, the Giant Jammy Shortbread is baked with fresh double cream and sweet Arran strawberry jam to create the ultimate indulgence for food-to-go and hospitality (stand H44).

Boundless is introducing gluten free and vegan Activated Nuts and Seeds, made with sweet maple, smoky paprika and gingery turmeric.  Forget dry roasting and dousing in salt, Boundless activates the nuts and seeds before baking.  Also available in Cayenne & Rosemary, Tamari & Aleppo, and Orange, Ginger & Maple (stand SU-14).

Union Hand Roasted Coffee is launching its double strength cold brew, a simple, quick and natural mixing ingredient for making iced coffees. Brewing in cold water extracts natural sweetness, without the bitterness of brewing hot. This can be used in place of an espresso, mixed with water, milk, or milk alternative (stand B45).

DRGN Turmeric infused Superdrink is launching a natural citrus flavoured drink, inspired by the Far East.  DRGN is a fusion of pan-Asian superfoods (turmeric, ginger, ginseng, black pepper), with vitamins, electrolytes, and blended with Austrian spring water (stand SU-28).

Making its debut at lunch!, YAAR is introducing its Nordic quark bars in four flavours: vanilla, toffee, cloudberry and double choc.  A new category of spoon-free dairy snacking, the bars boast all the nutritional benefits of quark, are naturally high in protein and only 140 calories. They’re like yogurt you can hold, best nibbled cold (stand SU-9).

One Earth Organics is launching its new Jackfruit Chips.  Classified as 1 of your 5 a day, they are sweet and crispy and high in fibre, freeze dried, not fried and have a unique taste (a bit like a cross between peach and pineapple).  The chips are sourced from a social enterprise working with tribal communities in Kerala, India (stand C82).

Honey & Date is introducing Rawcake Brownies, made of cacao, coconut oil, coconut and naturally sweetened with dates and coconut nectar.  It is vegan-friendly and free from gluten (stand M86).

Other Foods is introducing its range of crunchy mixed Mushroom Chips (Shiitake, Oyster and King Oyster Mushroom) – an innovative new carb-less veg snack.  The crisps are made with a superior vacuum cooking method, which uses less oil and a lower temperature to preserve the natural mushroom goodness and taste (stand SU-5).

Tanpopo is launching Chirashizushi rice bowls and rice paper sushi rolls.  The Diamond Rolls are a twist on a classic sushi roll, which comes wrapped in rice paper, lettuce, mint, coriander as well as sushi rice.  The Chirashizushi bowls comes in Classic, Vege and Mixed (stand N36).

Gato & Co is launching a new range of vegan, lower sugar ambient snacks, a first dessert in a mini pot and a new range of low sugar, free from desserts for foodservice.  The puddings and snacks are natural, lower in sugar and free from, and big on taste (stand A41).

Born Tasty is introducing its Snackamole Avocado Dips in Chunky Avocado and Mexican Guacamole.  They are manufactured using HPP technology so the fresh avocado taste and flavour is retained.  Packed in easy peel 100g pots, the dips are vegan, gluten free and full of vitamins and minerals (stand A44).

St Pierre Bakery is introducing its ‘on-the-go’ bakery snacks.  Products include Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Choc Chip Brioche Roll, Vanilla Brioche Swirl, Caramel Waffle, Chocolate Cake Bar, Caramel Cake Bar and Belgian Waffles. This indulgent ambient selection offers longer, life ensuring it need never to be off sale (stand K32).

Wallaroo is launching its range of single ingredient, portion-sized snacks for on the go including: mango slices, pineapple chunks and coconut chips.  Gently dried, naturally vegan, gluten free and made with fully home compostable wrappers (stand SU-8).

Raw & Wild is launching Activated Pili Nut Butter.  Pili nuts are pre-sprouted and dehydrated to preserve all the vital enzymes, minerals and nutrients, including vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and copper (stand N73).

Divine Chocolate is introducing its new organic high cocoa rich & dark range made with cocoa from São Tomé, West Africa.  Flavour combinations include ginger and turmeric; refreshing lemon; blueberry and popped quinoa; crunchy cocoa nibs; and refreshing zesty lemon.  Wrapped in a clear biodegradable film, packaging in the range is plastic free (stand L40).

Ape Snacks is introducing its coconut & rice puffs in Thai Chilli.  Made from a mixture of coconut, rice, coconut oil and all-natural seasonings, the Thai Chilli Puffs combine chilli and flavours of lemongrass with hints of coconut.  Not fried, no added sugar, suitable for vegans, gluten free, under 115 calories and a source of fibre (stand K38).

Roqberry is introducing its full range of big flavour tea and launching its B2B formats. Roqberry specialises in releasing the flavour potential of tea by taking inspiration from world cuisine. Flavours range from Raspberry Fondant to The Big Smoke and Peppermint Cream to Turmeric Chai (stand SU-23).

VIT HIT is launching its mango and passionfruit soft drink.  Packed full of functional benefits including added amino acids, matcha tea extract, plus vitamins B12, C, B1, B5, Biotin, Niacin and Folic Acid.  It’s only 25 calories per bottle (stand H21).

DeliLites is launching its newly branded food to-go portfolio, including frozen to cook Mexican Quesadillas and Fiery Chicken Fajitas with Spicy Beans. Other products include ‘Great Taste 2018 Award’ winning Bespoké Bowls (in three varieties: Asian, Moroccan and Italian) with a focus on veganism, clean eating, high protein, gluten free, dairy-free and superfoods (stand H31).

Ambient Food to Go Solution is introducing Peckish Impulse Bags, one of the only extruded rice cracker the UK market.  Thinner, lighter and crispier, this innovative extrusion method means that Peckish retains the crispy light texture of a regular crisp, without the frying and all with the flavour (stand N42).

Simply Lunch is revealing its new brand look. The creative designs will feature across all product packaging, the Simply Lunch website and retail collateral.  Sustainability remains central to the company values as all new packaging is widely recyclable and environmentally friendly.  Also showcasing: award-winning Vege New Yorker now presented in a new farmhouse bloomer box (stand M50).

Zeina Foods has branded its ‘Zeina Love Our Food’ range of nuts, seeds and dried fruits with new innovative packaging to celebrate its 35th anniversary.  The range is now available in three sizes and will also be resealable for convenience (stand E10).

Ombar Chocolate is promoting its latest product in the vegan chocolate range Centres Pistachio, which has a creamy, nutty-flavoured truffle centre wrapped in 60% dark chocolate.  And just like all Ombar chocolate, it’s made from the raw Ecuadorian cacao, is all-natural, ethically-sourced and refined sugar-free (stand A38).

Spare Snacks is exhibiting its new range of crunchy fruit and veg crisps, which are air-dried and made with fresh, ‘wonderfully wonky’ produce.  Ideal for anytime healthy snacking, indulgent dipping or adding crunch to salads or lunch boxes.  Available in Apple, Beetroot, Pear, Apple (with cinnamon), Beetroot (with vinegar), and Pear (with ginger) (stand N45).

Land & Tide is presenting its ready to drink vegan cold brew iced coffees in Oat Iced Coffee, Coconut Iced Coffee and Oat Iced Mocha, where the recipe creates the ideal base for the plant milks. Vegan friendly, no added sugar, GMO free, it has a short list of ingredients and is made in UK with sustainable packaging (stand SU-2).

I Love Snacks is promoting its new Mixed Nuts in Roasted and Salted, with a mix of peanuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts.  Now available in a 30g portion control, convenient stylish pouch (stand A73).

GEO is showcasing its newly launched Chive & Cheese flavour of GEOSTICKS. Vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar and at only 90 calories a bag, this on-the-go wholesome snack is made with Fairtrade rice from Thailand and Fairtrade quinoa from Peru.  Other flavours include Sweet Chilli, Herby, and Peppery (stand M33).

Indie Bay Snacks is adding two new flavours to its roster of pretzels with benefits: The Smokin’ BBQ and Easy Cheesy Pretzel Bites.  These vegan bites provide a source of fibre and protein, with fewer than 100 calories per portion and are GMO free (stand J35).

For Goodness Shakes Plant Protein is a vegan ready to drink plant-based protein shake.  It has 20g of protein for only 99 calories, is enriched with vitamins B12 and D, with no added sugar, is fat free and comes in three flavours: Vanilla Chai, Strawberry, and Chocolate (stand B33).

Grenade recently expanded its range of tasty, low sugar, high protein snacks, with its new Carb Killa Brownie; following the success of Carb Killa bars, shakes and spreads.  Delivering 15 grams of protein per brownie, it is a high protein treat that has been designed to provide balanced complete sources of protein (stand E30).

Instinct Bites is presenting its new bite-size pieces of freeze-dried organically sourced fruit. Freeze dried to maintain the fruits’ natural colour, flavour and nutritional value, these ambient snacks have a light, soft crunch and contain 1 of your 5 a day (stand SU-20).

POPS: Premium Popsicles is presenting its House Press POPS – Cold Press Popsicles, available exclusively for Soho House.  The House Press POPS are made using the finest natural ingredients and no added sugar, are vegan and come in three flavours: Citrus, Ginger and Red (stand E91).

Adonis Smart Foods is promoting its latest Turmeric Nut Bar.  The snack contains less than 5% sugar per bar and is low in carbohydrates, gluten, dairy, soy-free and made with 100% natural ingredients including turmeric, orange and Brazil nuts (stand B24).

Michel Et Augustin is promoting crispy butter shortbread cookies covered with a layer of chocolate ganache.  Baked in France with only natural, GMO-free, high quality ingredients, it’s available in three flavours: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Milk Chocolate Caramel (stand G33).

Cake Brands is presenting its bespoke own label vegan products, including cupcakes made with a unique blend of ingredients including coconut milk, rapeseed oil, and a high fruit strawberry jam.  Also showcasing: vegan chocolate cake and banana loaf (stand H45).

Rude Health is showcasing Cornitas, made from a blend of corn, pulses, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.  Nothing artificial added, the Cornitas are available in 30g and 90g packs in Black Bean and Chickpea & Lentil flavours (stand D32).

humble warrior is showcasing its new range of three authentic, plant-based drinks – powered by Eastern super plants.  These formulations draw on centuries of use in the East and cater to the growing interest in functional, plant-based ingredients.  They are organic, low in calories, with no refined sugar and come in three flavours: Lunar Nectar, Tiger Spring, and Divine Oasis (stand SU-18).

Thirst Quenchers UK is promoting its Viegan Tigernut Mylk, an all vegan and completely allergy free product. Viegan is also partnered with vegan charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Viegan Tigernut Mylk is naturally sweet and can be enjoyed cold with ice or as a dairy alternative in coffee or tea (stand C10).

Dalston’s is presenting its new range of canned soft drinks, including Cola, Lemonade, Orangeade, Cherryade, Elderflower and Ginger Beer, made with less sugar, real fruit and natural flavours (stand L74).

Little Moons is presenting its new identity, packaging, in-store brand development and point-of-sale design. Working to the design essence of ‘Unexpected Harmony’ a hand-drawn crescent moon pattern, it’s a nod to the Little Moons’ symbolic name and the products’ hand-crafted nature, are central to the new look (stand D46).

Livia’s Kitchen is exhibiting its new Nugglets, in Salted Almond Butter, Raw Cookie Dough, and Raw Choc Brownie. The Nugglets have a sweet oaty centre covered in smooth velvety vegan chocolate. Made from only natural ingredients, they are vegan and gluten-free (stand V20).

Plenish Cleanse is showcasing its Organic Coconut Milk, made with organic, sustainably-sourced coconuts and rice of the highest possible quality.  The Plenish dairy-free drinks are designed to bring taste without compromise (stand D80).

Arteta Sp z o. o is presenting its DayUp Pearls for the first time at lunch!.  DayUp Pearls is a natural dessert made of fruits, coconut cream and tapioca pearls, packed in convenient pouch packaging.  Vegan and gluten-free, it contains only 127kcal and no sugar (stand G85).

Agriculture-Ein Harod Co-ope is introducing a vegan alternative to honey to the UK market.  Silan, a sweet fruit syrup extracted from dates is widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cooking.  An ideal substitute for sugar, honey and sweeteners, silan is used in cooking, baking, the production of yogurt, ice cream, cereals, condiments and many more applications (stand K88).

AliveBiome is exhibiting its AliveBiome Raspberry drink, with a combination of probiotics and botanicals (10 billion CFU of SynbalanceAlive bacterias), delivered in an innovative cap-dosing packaging.  Used to support a healthy gut and an enhanced metabolism, the drink has a long shelf life for retailers and a natural raspberry flavour that is gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, and suitable for vegans (stand SU-16).

Pipers Crisps is showcasing its new range of Crispeas – a fresh take on the British pea.  Available in three flavours – Matar Paneer, Salsa Verde and English Mint, it offers a low-calorie snack at less than 95kcal per pack.  Also showcasing: its latest flavour of crisps in Jalapeño & Dill (stand M74).

Well&Truly is promoting Baked Corn Snacks in three flavours: Really Cheesy, Sour Cream & Onion and Smokey Paprika, that are GMO free with 40% less fat than conventional snacking products (stand D41).

The berry company is showcasing its new Acai & Goji sparkling drinks; a guilt-free low-cal soft drink that is naturally low in sugar and made with added botanicals (stand B61).

BitesWeLove is exhibiting its nut-based snacks. They are vegan, full of natural ingredients and plant based from ingredients to packaging (which is also fully compostable).  The six flavours include: chilli-lemon broad beans, tamari roasted almonds, dark chocolate drops or naturally sweet mango (stand SU-11).

Flower & White is promoting new ‘grab & go’ Meringue Bars, which are slow baked to a traditional Swiss recipe.  Naturally gluten free, low fat, suitable for vegetarians and under 100 calories per bar, flavours include: Rainbow Fruit (strawberry, lemon, passion fruit and black cherry), Chocolate, and White Chocolate & Raspberry (stand A36).

Soil Association Certification, the UK’s leading certifier of organic products, is promoting the launch of its ‘Organic Served Here award’ for restaurants and cafes.  With a 1-5 star rating depending on how much organic is served, it helps diners to discover places to eat ethically and sustainably when eating out (stand C50).

Bravura Foods is showcasing the latest flavour from Captain Kombucha in Ginger & Lemon – adding to the Original, California Raspberry and Coconut flavours already on sale.  Also showcasing: Peanut Hottie (powdered peanut butter which turns into a spread with water); Little Miracles range of ready to drink, organic super fruits and teas; Panda liquorice; Freedom Mallows; and Vegan Bakery’s three variants of biscuits – chocolate cookies, sweet crunchies and coconut clouds (stand M37).

Mount Olympus Pure Foods is exhibiting Greek Kefir, Greek Kefir Lemon, and Greek Kefir Peach.  Sugar free and low calorie, these rich and creamy cultured dairy products have already enjoyed a massive success in Greece (stand SU-24).

Kavli Food Solutions is promoting Primula Jalapeno Cheese dippers – a savoury snack with a spicy kick.  Served in a convenient hand-held two compartment tray, this product promises to turn up the heat in on-the-go snacking, offering a clear point of difference and an adult proposition (stand A45).

Lo Bros Kombucha & Living Drinks is exhibiting its Lo Bros Organic Cola Kombucha, which is small batch brewed for three weeks with a blend of kombucha and apple cider vinegar base.  Infused with botanical herbs and spices, the result is an all-natural classic cola taste with the added benefit of 100 million gut-loving bio cultures in every bottle and 3g of sugar per 100mls (stand B46). 

Volys Star NV is presenting Smoked Grilled and Cooked Turkey Rashers.  The turkey thigh meat is seasoned with herbs and naturally smoked with beechwood.  The IFS higher level and halal certified rashers can be used in breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, or paninis (stand E71).

Sam Pan Foods is showcasing its Dim Sum (Oriental Tapas) and The Last Polka Ice Cream, which is  savoury and sweet, traditional and contemporary. The Dim Sum selection covers a wide range, such as gyoza, bao and dumpling, all made in the UK, and the ice cream is served with a fried hirata bun (stand B31). 

Hilltop Honey is showcasing its Hilltop Honey Everyday Honey Range.  The range consists of Hilltop Honey Soft Set Honey (340g jar), and Hilltop Honey Blossom Honey (340g and 720g jar and squeezy bottle).  The range is also available in catering tubs (ranging in size from 1.36kg to 3.17kg and up to 20kg), ideal for the foodservice sector (stand L86). 

Biomel is presenting its dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan probiotic shot, made in the UK.  Biomel is available in Dark Chocolate, Natural or Pure Vanilla, in 125ml shots or 500ml bottles (stand F41).

Green Sisters is showcasing Choco‘Licious samosas.  They are gluten and wheat free, suitable for vegans and Low-FODMAP.  Made with organic and fairtrade chocolate and less than 89 calories per samosa, these crisp-baked, protein-based pastries mimic the traditional samosa in taste, appearance and texture (stand SU-13).

Joe & Sephs Gourmet Popcorn is promoting its new Simply Range in two flavours: Simply Sweet & Salted and Simply Salted.  By air-popping their iconic extra-large mushroom kernels and then coating them in only two natural ingredients, each bag contains less than 100 calories and is free from gluten and dairy (stand K31).

The White Rabbit Pizza Co is showcasing a new dough recipe for its range of gluten free pizzas.  Hand-topped, stone baked and with vegan options available in Smokin’ Vegan – Smoky Mozzarisella, Spinach, Olives & Tomato, and Viva La Vegan – Mozzarisella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Pesto Genovese (stand A34).

Burts Potato Chips is promoting its Jim Beam Original BBQ Chips.  Bold and distinctive, it combines the authentic taste of bourbon whisky with sweet, smoky BBQ flavours (stand D31).

The Collective is presenting its Mango ‘n’ Turmeric Kefir – a cultured drink created for health-conscious foodies. Containing 60 billion live cultures in each serving, this ‘wonder’ drink is made with Alphonso mangoes, delivering a tropical and fruity aroma with a pinch of turmeric giving a subtle spice (stand F89).

The Curators is exhibiting its Sriracha Beef Jerky.  Made with premium cuts of British grass-fed beef, which are gently slow-cooked in small batches to create a soft, tender texture, it is high in protein and less than 90 calories per pack.  This craft jerky is naturally rich in amino acids, free from preservatives and nitrates and has half the sugar content of mainstream competitor brands (stand J77).

Eat Natural has added salted caramel variant to its best-selling protein packed range.  Made with a combination of peanuts, salted caramel, dates, almonds, soya crispies and a bit of honey, it contains 11g of protein, no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and is gluten free (stand E46).

First time exhibitor, ManíLife is showcasing its 15g peanut butter snack pots, which can be paired with porridge pots, yoghurt and fruit pots and toast.  They also provide a tasty solution for dipping with fruit and adding to freshly-made shakes.  The mini pots can also complete commuters’ breakfast on the go, accompanying their morning coffee and snacks on the journey to work (stand G88).

Equipment, Packaging & Technology

Pastorfrigor GB has partnered with the award winning Adande to incorporate Aircell technology into its grab & go Filip multi-decks fridge.  It adds energy efficiency, also temperature control, and is specifically for quality chilled food (stand N34).

Panasonic UK is showcasing its NE-1878 microwave with professional inverter technology, which enables faster, more even, gentler cooking.  It also uses less energy overall, and its full metal door ensures easy cleaning and an extended lifespan (stand D51).

Harfield Tableware is introducing its 200ml clear Dessert Pot – ideal for layered desserts, yoghurts, fruit, and jellies as well as savoury dishes.  Plus their 350ml reusable Coffee Cup is 100% recyclable and antibacterial.  Available in a wide range of colours, these new products are virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe (stand K44).

Sharpak Aylesham is launching Deliveripack, a range of packaging solutions designed specifically for the delivery of restaurant quality meals.  The range is available in three sizes, which maximises heat retention, stops spills or leaks, allows for ingredient separation with inserts and can be reused at home (stand B40).

Magrini is showcasing the Magrini Life Latte Art Espresso Machine.  It combined three cutting edge technologies to guarantee perfect coffee every time, including Aroma Perfect self-tamping group so each espresso shot is automatically tamped by the espresso machine; a latte art steam wand and auto clean technology (stand F50).

Modern Standard Coffee is exhibiting its new technical service. Technical director Ricky Neal and his team of engineers have over 20 years’ experience managing all aspects of coffee machine maintenance.  Their aim is to help serve better coffee with minimal downtime (stand D34).

Papier-Mettler UK is presenting its I’m Hysustain – Packaging Film.   Made from recycled film waste and sugar cane, this sustainable hybrid packaging combines the benefits of two environmentally friendly films, enhancing corporate image with significant CO2 savings, aligned to climate change policies.  This film saves fossil resource without use of virgin polyethylene and is also cost neutral (stand K43).

Coveris is exhibiting its plastic-free food-to-go packaging, which uses cellulose film from a renewable and sustainable source, replacing non-degradable OPP plastic.  Widely recyclable and made with a compostable film liner (EN13432), it breaks down significantly quicker than plastic alternatives, impacting less on the environment (stand D21).

generationJuice is showcasing its T300 juice dispenser.  Patented Truedose dosing technology blends concentrate and water with exacting consistency.  A market first, customers enjoy quality drink, that don’t fluctuate between syrupy and watery thin.  It has unrivalled hygiene levels as it is auto-cleaned with the dosing system replaced by each new bag (stand J44).

Yoyo Wallet is demonstrating its fast-growing mobile payment and loyalty marketing platform.  It delivers seamless payments and loyalty experience to consumers, whilst providing retailers with data tools to better engage, reward and retain their customers (stand K50).

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