British Smoothie Championships 2015 – Entry Form

Please complete the details below and submit before 21 August 2015.

The Small Print – please read before submitting your entry:

1. To be eligible to enter the awards, you must make smoothies from fresh or frozen ingredients, in a blender, in a commercial environment, in front of your customers.

2. A shortlist of finalists, chosen by the panel, will be invited to attend the finals on the 24 September. (Please make sure that you are available to attend on the day and please note that travel costs must be covered by yourself).

3. A selection of frozen fruits and yoghurt can be provided for the finals – please request these to the organisers before the event. Blenders will be provided. Any items not supplied by the organisers MUST be arranged by the competitor. To ensure the freshest ingredients are used, contestants are NOT permitted to pre-prepare juiced products. All juicing must be carried out live or the product must be requested at application.

4. Competitors will have 2 minutes to make two single measures of a smoothie. One will be used for presentation, and one will be divided into 10 tasting cups, which 10 members of the audience, selected at random, will have the chance to vote on. The FINAL will be judged by a panel of leading industry personalities.

5. Voting will be based on 1) Taste 2) Texture (all entries must be a smoothie and not a juice) 3) Presentation 4) Originality 5) Flair in which it’s made

6. No smoothie may have previously been entered into the British Smoothie Championships.