Tri-Green by TriStar Packaging

Exhibitor Q&A: Tri-Star Packaging

Kevin Curran, MD of Tri-Star Packaging, is a big fan of lunch!’s much talked of “buzz”.  In this exclusive Q&A, he shares his thoughts on the show, changing food-to-go trends, and how new innovations are meeting the challenges and opportunities of the sector. (more…)

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Salty Dog Brands

Exhibitor Q&A: Salty Dog Brands

Unmissable, inspiring, successful – these are just some of the words Judy Willis, co-founder of Salty Dog Brands, has used to describe lunch! in this exclusive Q&A.  They’ve been exhibiting since the launch in 2008 and are looking forward to the show’s first edition at ExCeL next month.  (more…)

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Louise Pilkington Compass Group

Speaker Q&A: Louise Pilkington, Compass Group

Louise Pilkington, Compass Group’s consumer marketing director for the UK and Ireland, will be speaking at lunch! 2017.  Her opening day session –What can 10-year olds teach us about the future of food-to-go? – will focus on how to use consumer insights to drive innovation and maintain competitive advantage. Prior to joining Compass in 2015, she held […]

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Online orders to overtake telephone orders

Written by Order on Chef: Within the next decade, cafés, from multi-location chains to independent artisan coffee shops, will see online ordering outstrip phone ordering, as owners become switched on to the benefits of going digital. Consumers increasingly outsource parts of their lives to online services – everything from doing the weekly shop, to banking […]

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HMCC GF Cake Range 2017 With Bars 5 - crop

Exhibitor Q&A: The Handmade Cake Company

Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring a series of exclusive Q&As with some of this year’s exhibitors.  First up is The Handmade Cake Company, which has exhibited every year since the show’s launch in 2008.  We caught up with sales director Simon Law to find out more… (more…)

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Mr Lee's Noodles - Let your product speak for itself

Let your product speak for itself

Branding, packaging and generally how a product looks is important. Here at Mr Lee’s Noodles we pride ourselves on having the best brand image and packaging we can, but something else we’ve found whilst pitching our product to potential stockists and catering firms is that often it’s best to let the product just speak for […]

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Is there a case for packaging

Is there a case for packaging?

Written by Cornware UK: With the average UK householder throwing away an estimated 400g of packaging every day and 25% of which is household waste, many of us, and with good reason, equate packaging with wanton waste excesses that impacts our environment negatively. Is there a case for packaging? Packaging does and can plays significant role […]

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On-trend veggies to watch out for

Written by Panacea Drinks: First it was blueberries, then it was acai berries, and then kale was the next ‘superfood’ that everyone absolutely had to include in their diets. It won’t be long however before hearing about the next influx of ‘superfood’ veg that has health and fitness experts gushing over, for their nutrient-rich, low […]

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The Millennials – New Eco Warriors that cannot be ignored

Millennials seek the total package

Written by Cornware UK: Millennials are now the most important group when it comes to consumer spending[i]. While the group takes a lot of criticism for their obsession with technology and constant urge to take selfies, there is no denying they are currently the most powerful generation. With all of that spending power, Millennials think long […]

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lunch! team reveal their favourite sandwiches

According to a recent survey by Ginger Research (on behalf of Heinz), the average Brit will eat 18,304 sandwiches in their lifetime.  With over half eating at least one sandwich a day.  In the 255 years since the 4th Earl of Sandwich’s infamous card game, this convenient food-to-go has become a staple for millions. But what’s our […]

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